Diamond rings are timeless symbols of love, commitment, and luxury. As one of the most precious pieces of jewellery you will most likely ever own; it’s essential to care for your diamond ring properly, and keep it looking stunning for years to come.

How Long Do Diamond Rings Last?


18ct White Gold, Fancy Diamond Ring

18ct White Gold, Fancy Diamond Ring

Diamonds are known for their durability. They are one of the hardest materials on earth, making them an ideal choice for jewellery. With proper care, your diamond ring can last a lifetime and beyond. Diamonds are resistant to wear and tear and can withstand exposure to the elements. However, it’s important to remember that the other components of the ring, such as the metal and setting, can wear and deteriorate over time.

To extend the life of your diamond ring, it’s important to have it inspected and cleaned regularly. A professional jeweller can check for any damage or wear and replace any worn parts as needed. Regular cleaning with a soft cloth and warm water can also help maintain the shine and lustre of your diamond ring.

Additionally, it’s essential to store your diamond ring in a safe place when not wearing it to protect it from scratches and damage. Avoid exposing your diamond ring to harsh chemicals, and remove it when cleaning or participating in activities that may put it at risk.

Can Diamond Rings Get Wet?


Yes, diamond rings can get wet, but it’s important to be mindful of how you handle them when they are exposed to water. While diamonds are durable and can withstand exposure to water, it’s essential to take proper care to protect your diamond ring.

When it comes to cleaning, it’s best to avoid using harsh chemicals, such as bleach or ammonia, which can cause damage to the metal and other components of the ring. Instead, opt for a mild soap and warm water, and be sure to dry your diamond ring thoroughly after cleaning.

If you plan on swimming or engaging in water-based activities, it’s recommended to remove your diamond ring beforehand. Chlorine in pools and hot tubs can cause damage to the metal and the diamond itself, so it’s best to avoid exposing your ring to these substances.

In the event that your diamond ring does get wet, it’s important to dry it off as soon as possible. Water can cause damage over time, especially if the ring is not properly dried, so it’s best to take preventative measures to protect your ring.

Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

Can Diamond Rings Scratch?


Diamonds are one of the hardest substances on earth, but despite their hardness, they can still scratch. Diamonds are rated 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which measures the resistance of a material to scratching. 

Everyday wear and tear can cause small scratches on your diamond ring. For example, if you wear your ring while doing household chores or if you wear it while playing sports, it may come into contact with rough surfaces that can cause scratches. Even everyday activities like putting on and taking off your jewellery can cause scratches over time.

To avoid scratches on your diamond ring, it’s important to store it properly when not wearing it. Keep your diamond ring in a safe place, away from other jewellery that could cause scratches. It’s also a good idea to avoid exposing your diamond ring to rough surfaces, such as concrete or tile.

London DE’s services 


At London DE, we understand the value and importance of your diamond ring. That's why we offer lifetime care for your diamond ring, so you can enjoy its brilliance and beauty for years to come. Our expert team of jewellery professionals is dedicated to providing the highest level of care and attention to your diamond ring.

Our lifetime care program includes regular cleaning and maintenance, as well as any necessary repairs or restoration work. If you ever need to have your diamond ring serviced, our team is always available to help.

At London DE, we believe in providing the best possible care for your diamond ring. Whether you need a simple cleaning or a more complex repair, we have the expertise and experience to get the job done right. Our commitment to providing lifetime care for your diamond ring sets us apart from other jewellery retailers and ensures that you can enjoy your diamond ring for generations to come.

Diamond Pinched Eternity Ring

Diamond Pinched Eternity Ring

Caring for your diamond ring is an important part of owning such a precious piece of jewellery. By following these simple tips, you can keep your diamond ring looking stunning for years to come. At London DE, we are committed to providing lifetime care for your diamond ring, so you can enjoy the wonder of handmade jewellery and pass your heirloom ring down to your love ones in the future.



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