Jewellery inspiration from Hailey Bieber

Jewellery inspiration from Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber, model extraordinaire and one half of celebrity supercouple with Justin Bieber, has now staked a claim to being one of the best celebrities or influencers for jewellery inspiration.

She often throws caution to the wind when it comes to jewellery and preconceived notions of “do’s and don’ts”. With a maximalist approach to both her life and her accessories; the display of her many layers of necklaces and stack of rings that rest on her fingers should embolden the rest of us to be less concerned about how our jewellery compliments each other, and just wear everything you want!

In this picture alone you can see that she is wearing a white gold chain, a gold chain with larger links and a diamond tennis necklace; which is quite an impressive collection. 

With a slightly different look here, she pairs that diamond tennis necklace with 5 impressive rings. The more the merrier! 

If you would like to replicate her maximalist sense of style; you can do so by layering bracelets, rings and necklaces with one another. Whilst it may feel clunky at first, or like it is drawing lots of attention to yourself at first; after a while you will get more used to the various combinations of jewellery, and develop Hailey’s carefree attitude to accessorising.  

However, Hailey doesn’t overload on jewellery all the time. She is a distinguished model known for her versatility, and is perfectly able to pull off a more chic, pared back approach to accessorising. 

Here, whilst at a launch event for her latest RHODE skincare range, she pairs a stunning corset style lime green dress that compliments her sun kissed skin with a small heart shaped bracelet and some interesting loop earrings. Her skin and dress are the main attractions, with the jewellery simply acting as a lowkey addition; which is very different to the previous look we just explored.  

Hailey’s chic sensibility is best highlighted by the classical and simple choices that she makes at times. Maintaining the “off duty model” look during a trip to the pool, she paired a sizzling one piece white swimsuit with an elegant gold necklace and a smaller selection of rings.

Baring your cleavage in a green corset dress or showing off your body in a white swimsuit that leaves little to the imagination may not be for everyone, but you can definitely take note of her approach to jewellery when she is trying to create a more composed look. 

You may not be able to wear a sizable gold necklace, but you can emulate her choice by picking out a dainty gold chain like this understated rose gold necklace, which has the added feature of diamonds.

If a simple pendant is more your idea of chic style, this Trillion cut necklace with a wonderful emerald centre stone would be perfect for you.

Finally, if necklaces or pendants aren’t for you and you just want to wear something that will go with almost any outfit and retain a sense of style; this ceylon sapphire ring is a timeless classic which will always provide your fingers with a sense of finesse. 

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