Tennis bracelets: a luxurious but practical favourite of the jewellery world

Tennis bracelets: a luxurious but practical favourite of the jewellery world

With Wimbledon fast approaching, Tennis bracelets are once again in vogue. Admired by tennis players and celebrities alike, the tennis bracelet is a classic piece of jewellery. They are luxurious, but can be practical and dressed down as well. 

Emma Raducanu after winning the US Open

What are tennis bracelets and what is happening to them at the moment?

A tennis bracelet is a band of small gemstones, typically diamonds, that are placed in simple settings. This minimalist classic is still popular and celebrated, but also being reimagined in certain areas of the jewellery world. 

For example Matthew Harris, who founded Mateo New York, has combined a unique prong setting which has a channel in his tennis bracelet, which is then adorned with rainbow sapphires.

The settings themselves are also being altered now. The brand Eva Fehren have designed by their founder and creative director Eva Zuckerman, where their tennis bracelet set in white gold is dipped into black rhodium. This gives the pieces an elusive, and more raw look.

The bespoke diamond tennis bracelet 

If you are interested in a variety of settings, this bespoke diamond tennis bracelet comes in 18K yellow gold, 18K white gold, or platinum 950.

The allure of the tennis bracelet

There is something very classic and timeless about wearing a tennis bracelet. Harris, compared wearing the classic piece of jewellery to donning a cross, saying that whilst “the tennis bracelet has no religious affiliation”, “it’s almost a sacred thing to have a tennis bracelet in my family.”

Similar to a simple necklace or large hoop earrings, a tennis bracelet is an elegant and versatile piece of jewellery that every woman should have in their wardrobe.

They are also directly associated with Summer, linked with the world of tennis, Wimbledon and spending your time outside in the British sunshine, so they are great pieces to wear this time of year. 

Association with the stars

Here are some of our favourite occasions where celebrities have shown off their brilliant tennis bracelets. 

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz-Beckham

In their oh so cute engagement photos, the young couple were pictured wearing wonderful tennis bracelets. If you have a significant other, buying matching tennis bracelets is certainly a very romantic idea. 

The happily engaged couple showing off their tennis bracelets

Uma Therman

Uma Therman, model and favourite actress of Quentin Tarrantino, sports a wonderful tennis bracelet on the red carpet here.

Jennifer Lopez

The celebrity fashion icon, singer and actress pairs her stunning black dress with a lovely paired back tennis bracelet for this performance. 

Kate Winslet

Hollywood icon and star who rose to fame for her role in Titanic, Kate Winslet stuns on the red carpet, wearing a wonderful tennis bracelet.

Emma Raducanu

Starlet of British tennis, rising to fame when she won the 2021 US Open; Emma Raducana has often chosen to wear tennis bracelets, whether she is on the red carpet or just as a piece of everyday jewellery. 

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