2022: The Dawn of New Jewellery Trends

2022: The Dawn of New Jewellery Trends

In 2022 the Y2K trend that is dominating photoshoots and catwalks continues to influence purchasing decisions especially with jewellery. In uncertain times, jewellery can feel like a talisman and a very emotional connection is formed.

There has been an increase in these types of pieces that make people feel safe or seemingly symbolize luck: zodiac sign necklaces and rings, initial pieces and birthstones. With the increasing importance of being on camera, with Zoom meeting and Tik Tok videos people are looking for less subtle pieces and are being more playful and experimental.

Here are some things to look out for through 2022.

Layering of Pieces

A maximalist approach to dressing that particularly lends itself to video calls. Layering chokers, pendants, strings of beads, stacking rings and gold chains in differing colours and sizes over simple wardrobe pieces such as a cardigan or a white shirt. Mixing large or chunky 1980’s inspired pendants with daintier pieces such as chokers or fine chains.


‘Pearl core’ is one of 2022’s most prominent jewellery trends as witnessed on designer runways like Valentino, Givenchy, Tom Ford, and Simone Rocha. Pearls have long symbolized the sophisticated woman and have been worn since the 5th century. Pinterest's annual trend report for 2021— a thorough analysis of search terms from its over 400 million monthly users -lists things such as "pearl gown" and "pearl ring" as trending search terms. For 2022 pearls are being worn in interesting and unexpected ways, with oversized pearl accessories and embellishments being popular. Another emerging trend is mixing pearls with colour, intertwining them with strands of colourful beads, mixture of metal chains or against brightly coloured leather on handbags. Pearl rings are also reemerging as a choice for an engagement or sentimental event. They can be worn with one large stand alone pearl or mixed with diamonds, rubies or emeralds for a dramatic or vintage-inspired effect.


As we have seen with recent celebrity engagement rings there is a strong trend for creating a unique piece by combining heirloom, antique and new elements together and this seems set to continue through 2022 and beyond. This was demonstrated by the ring recently worn by Meghan Markle at her wedding to Prince Harry, the ring was designed by Prince Harry himself and incorporates diamonds from his late mother Diana's collection to create a truly special, on-trend ring that blends old and new. There has been an increased interest in recycling diamonds or precious stones from other sentimental pieces or purely for reasons of sustainability. Personalization is becoming more and more important to contemporary couples as is the significant interest in sustainability and using reclaimed diamonds which are previously mind stones and repurposing them in a romantic way. Movies and shows like House of Gucci and And Just Like That have led to a great interest in vintage fashion jewellery. According to Josephine Odet, head of buying and VIP sales at Omneque (quoted in Vogue magazine) buyers are investing in “affordable rarities”, pieces of design history like Victorian skull rings that are unique but which don’t break the bank.

Toi et Moi Engagement Rings

Among the more romantic engagement ring trends is Toi et Moi. The style is characterized by two complementary gemstones, as seen with Megan Fox and Ariana Grande’s engagement rings. The style dates back to the 1796 marriage of Napoleon and Josephine. The symbolism of two gemstones coming together is highly romantic. Traditionally the two stones were a diamond and a sapphire. Fox's $1.8 million engagement ring, which was designed by Stephen Webster, features a diamond and an emerald but any gemstones or precious stones can be chosen to highlight the beauty in each other.

Mixed Stones/Coloured Stone Engagement Rings

Statement engagement rings that were large, sculptural or colourful were a big trend in 2021 and this looks set to continue in 2022. Quoted on Vogue.com Thomas Montier Leboucher, co-founder and CEO of Paris-based jeweller Viltier remarks that More than ever, people were after unique engagement rings with unexpected, colourful twists. “I feel were in a spending, more expressive mood than usual.” Rubies, sapphires and emeralds are increasingly being featured in designs and a stone that is proving to be a big hit is the yellow diamond. They are perfect for couples who want something a little different but still traditional.

Oval Shaped Stones

In the 1980s the oval-shaped sapphire and diamond ring worn by Princess Diana at her wedding had a huge influence over the decades to come. Oval stones are particularly flattering to the hand when worn and sales of this shape which were rising in 2021 are projected to continue their momentum in 2022. Oval stones are good at hiding imperfections and therefore there is more freedoms in the stones that can be chosen as they don’t have to be completely clear.

Gender Neutral Engagement Rings

More and more couples are interested in gender neutral engagement rings instead of it being something only the woman wears. Couples are choosing matching rings, similar to couple rings, that reflect their taste and relationship and can be anything from highly embellished to simple bands.



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