6 Steps & Tips for When You Buy Rubies | London DE

6 Steps & Tips for When You Buy Rubies | London DE

Are you looking to buy rubies for a personalised piece of jewellery? Perhaps you’re just shopping around to see what’s out there. Either way, there are some important considerations you likely want to make before you buy rubies, which is why the team from London DE is here to help.

But before giving you some buying tips, we wanted first to provide you with a bit of history about why rubies are so popular.

What Makes Rubies so Unique?

Are you wondering why rubies have been such an enduring loose gemstone for so many years? Well, the word ruby is taken from Latin and means red in colour, but in its initial form it is a rough stone covered by aluminum oxide. Because of its rich colour and quality, it’s been highly sought after for centuries.

Rubies are mined in places like Africa, Sri Lanka, India, and Burma; in fact, Burma is where the most expensive rubies are found due to their colour and clarity. In ancient times in India, the stone was thought to protect one from their enemies.

The stone also happens to be the July birthstone, making it a perfect gift for people who were born in that month and want a gem that is meaningful to them.

Steps for Buying Rubies

  • Step 1: Make sure your loose ruby/rubies have been evaluated to determine their authenticity.

  • Step 2: Know where the ruby came from, whether it be India, Burma, Africa, or another locale.

  • Step 3: Select the right ruby for your budget based on size, cut, colour, and clarity.

  • Step 4: Decide in which type of piece you’d like to have your ruby set. Rubies make great settings for everything from necklaces to rings, and much more.

  • Step 5: Understand everything about your rubies’ clarity and the way it reacts when light hits it.

  • Step 6: Choose the right cut and shape for your rubies, such as an oval shape, square shape, baguette shape, or round shape.

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