A jaw dropping jewellery collection inspired by the natural world

A jaw dropping jewellery collection inspired by the natural world

Goossens, the couture jeweller now owned by Chanel, has collaborated with a brilliant sculptor to create a jaw dropping jewellery collection inspired by the natural world.

Who are Goosens?


Goosens are a brilliant Parisian couture jeweller, established in the 1950s and made a name for itself through its Byzantine-inspired dramatic pieces of jewellery that it created for star designers such as Coco Chanel, Cristóbal Balenciaga and Yves Saint Laurent.

The couture jewellery house is now owned by the superbrand Chanel, and has been placed alongside their fleet of other specialist art houses: milliner Maison Michel and embroiderer Lesage.

Whilst they are no longer an independent jeweller, Goossens still produce absolutely stunning pieces of jewellery in their signature 24 carat gold-bathed brass. 

Their latest jewellery collection


Klossowska de Rola

Their most recent release is a second collaboration with sculptor and jeweller Harumi Klossowska de Rola. Famous for her love of golden lions and serpents, their newest designs also incorporate some more delicate animals from the insect world such as butterflies and dragonflies.

However, these aren’t any old metal bugs decorated with gems to make little trinkets; these are grand sculptural insects, which highlight the brilliant metal itself.

Animals being the subject of the latest collection is no surprise. Klossowska de Rola has long been obsessed with the animal world, and as a child she would only remember someone if they happened to own a cat or a dog. She feels a strong connection with nature, saying that “Everything related to nature is inspirational to me. It could just be a leaf or a piece of wood, but I’m particularly inspired by animals.”

If you look at her previous work, you will see a number of giant wolf sculptures, serpentine necklaces and rings that depict wild cats. Whilst the world of jewellery and feral animals may not seem like a natural combination, that doesn’t matter to de Role. She is unapologetically drawn to wild animals, saying that “I love the way a wild animal looks at you,” “As humans we tend to want to control animals but I respect that instinctive intelligence which most tamed animals have lost.”

This latest collection was particularly drawn from the textured underside of a butterfly. When looking at the underside of a butterfly, here you can see the veins and midrib of the animal. These sculptural elements of the butterfly went onto become a bold statement necklace after Klossowska de Rola got her hands on Goosens distinctive brass. 

How to emulate Goosens latest collection


Whilst Goosens brilliant collection of animal inspired jewellery is amazing to look at, not everyone will be able to get their hands on these exclusive pieces. However, there are other pieces of jewellery on the open market that you can find that share certain aspects of Goosens jewellery and Klossowska de Rola’s work.  

If you want to wear a dramatic gold piece of statement jewellery with a similar effect to Goosen’s grand designs, that also has a wonderful emerald centre stone and lots of smaller diamonds, the ‘Enchantress’ Emerald and Diamond Necklace would be perfect for you. 

‘Enchantress’ Emerald and Diamond Necklace

However, if you are looking for a piece of jewellery that has the spirit of the collection but is not too grand or unwieldy, a ring might be more suitable than a grand necklace that is made for the red carpet rather than a day at the office. 

The Princess Cut Diamond Pave Ring, which sets a stunning collection of princess cut diamonds into a golden ring is one of our favourite options. With a gold foundation that feels similar to the 24k golden bathed brass that Goosens is known for; the ring is completed by a number of stunning diamonds. Their unique princess cut means that the diamonds catch natural light brilliantly.

Princess Cut Diamond Pave Ring

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