Autumnal Gemstone and Jewellery Guide 2021

Autumnal Gemstone and Jewellery Guide 2021

Want to accessorise with the latest trends this autumn but have no idea where to start? Well, we here at London DE have come up with a quick and easy gemstone and jewellery guide for this fall, so you can dress to impress whilst also adding your own jewellery flare.

British Vogue have just released their top 10 autumn and winter trends which lays down the pathway for high street fashion. 4 of these trends include: sheer clothing including dresses and shirts, vibrant rainbow colours, party wear with glitter and sequins, and dark denim pieces. Here is a breakdown of these trends and how we recommend you accessorise them.

S h e e r   C l o t h i n g

Jewellery Guide

Sheer clothing is becoming all the rage this season, with mesh lacey pieces being perfect for adding texture to your outfits or for layering pieces.

Sheer clothing can be a statement in itself as your eyes are drawn to the interesting fabric, so we would recommend that you pick either minimalistic metal jewellery pieces, or choose gemstones which are subtle yet striking.

Iridescent gemstones would be perfect for this as they lack a strong body colour, meaning the attention wont be taken away from your outfit, whilst also accentuating the look by revealing their optical effects in the light. Fantastic examples of these are pearls, labradorite, and moonstone.


R a i n b o w   C o l o u r s

Vibrant and punchy colours are back this season, and are bigger than ever. Its been far too long that neutral and dark tones have reigned our wardrobes – its time to taste the rainbow!

Colour blocking and layering is already loud and eye catching, and when it comes to mixing up colours… more is certainly more! When matching jewellery pieces for these fits, any metal works well – in fact, mix matching silver, rose gold, and gold can be quite stunning with this!

In terms of gemstones, bright colours can only compliment your outfit further. We would recommend stones such as yellow sapphires, tanzanite, and the gorgeous emerald (which you can browse our stock here).

Cant find the right jewellery piece for you? Did you know that we provide a bespoke jewellery service where you can create your dream item with any metal and gemstone combination you like! Take a look at our process here.

P a r t y   C l o t h i n g

As we all know, autumn calls for party season! We’ll all be cracking out our best dresses and suits to look as glamourous as possible. Vogue has stated that the sequin look is very much so back in, and so being the bell of the ball is what everyone wants.

When you think of sparkle, you think of the diamond – however if you want to be really bling this season, we recommend you check out moissanite. It has a greater fire (the optical effect you see in diamonds and moissanites, where they reflect the rainbow spectrum) than the diamond, meaning it has a greater brilliance and sparkle – and can sell for a more affordable price!


D a r k   D e n i m

Vogue is throwing it way back with the revival of dark denim. These looks can be striking in their monotonal appearance with added texture, and act as a fantastic contrast with lighter pieces of clothing.

To pair with these deep pieces, we would recommend silver jewellery with the additions of monotonal gemstones to match – such as salt and pepper diamonds, sapphires, or iolite.

Finally, if following the newest trends isn’t your thing and you would just like some general help, here are a few short and simple tips…

  • When we think of autumn we think of earthy tones and neutrals – such as deep greens, browns, oranges, yellows, terracotta, beige, and cream. Warm metals match these colours brilliantly, such as rose gold or yellow gold, alongside warm toned gems. Mix and match with this colour spectrum and you cant go too far wrong!

  • Always pick jewellery materials that will accentuate your own features. For instance, cool skin tones match cool toned metals such as silver. If you have green eyes, match these with green gemstones – or switch to the other side of the colour wheel, which would be purple, and this will compliment the colour.

  • Have fun with accessorising! Sometimes it takes experimenting to know what suits you and what makes you feel the most confident, so go wild and enjoy expressing yourself through fashion.

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Written by Victoria Fletcher

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