Beyonce's best jewellery moments

Beyonce's best jewellery moments

The allure of Beyonce is boundless and needs no explanation. From her musical brilliance to her fierce, sassy energy, Queen B has captured the imagination of young girls to old men alike. 

Hitting the covers of Vogue in July to launch a new era of her star studded career, Beyonce is once again back in the spotlight. The cover star has reinvented herself and is preparing to release a new wave of dance inspired music, but it is her jewellery choices throughout the ages that we are most interested in right now. 

Bold pieces


Beyonce is known for many things, but subtlety is not one of them. She loves big, bold pieces of jewellery, such as this bold black necklace she is wearing here.

If you are looking for an equally bold piece of jewellery that would be fit for Beyonce, this Emerald and Diamond Infinity Set is perfect for anyone running the red carpet or trying to match Queen B.

If diamonds are less your thing, this emerald and gold ‘Enchantress' Necklace which is only embellished with smaller diamonds might be more appealing to you.

Stunning earrings

Aside from bold necklaces, Beyonce loves a pair of stunning earrings.

Here she is pictured wearing an enthralling set of earrings that look closer to statement pendants rather than dainty earrings.

On another occasion, she paired the green and gold of her dress and hair with these emerald and gold earrings. 

Whilst wearing whole gemstones that look like they should be stored in a museum as earrings isn’t achievable for everyone, but you can still get a slice of Beyonce's style.

They may not be as big as Beyonce’s earrings, but these Round Ruby and Diamond Earrings are impressive in their own way. Intricately designed, they are the symbol of elegance. 

Diamonds are a girl's best friend

Whilst wearing a grand pink Peter Pilotto suit alongside her husband Jay Z for their “Apeshit” music video, she stunned viewers wearing a pear-drop diamond choker and drop diamond earrings. Beyonce may not be just any woman, but the saying “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” still holds true. She does love an alluring piece of diamond jewellery. 

You can replicate Queen B’s fierce look with these Diamond Point Drop Earrings. Made from a double row of delicate diamonds that are set in 18 carat white gold. 

Jewellery inspired dresses

Outside of the jewellery itself, Beyonce also wears some stunning jewellery inspired dresses which can fuel your accessory-loving imagination. Such as this diamond encrusted outfit.

This “naked dress” incorporates a very revealing sheer fabric, that shows off her stunning figure, and then lots of individually applied diamonds that are hand sewn onto the garment. It’s an incredible feat of human creativity. 

In a similarly styled dress for the MET gala, she wore a dress that is encrusted in a menagerie of colourful gemstones that would be the envy of any jewellery lover. 


Hopefully you have enjoyed this discussion of Beyonce’s jewellery, but if you are hungry for more there are plenty of other pieces for you to enjoy. 

If you want some jewellery inspiration from another Queen, The Queen herself, you can read about that here. 
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