Buying jewellery online - your questions answered

Buying jewellery online - your questions answered

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Recent research by the Guardian showed that you can save up to 80% of the cost of a piece of fine jewellery by shopping on the web but many people find the 'click and buy' sites impersonal and they are not sure how safe and secure they really are. For these reasons it is the companies that offer a 'hybrid' approach, that is to say the full functionality of an ecommerce website with the personal touch of a human being on hand over the phone, by email and face to face to ensure you get exactly what you want. Research conducted by Bain & Co indicates that two thirds of people engage in online research prior to making an in-store jewellery purchase and almost half look for inspiration from social media. In our experience we have found that the following frequently asked questions cover most of the queries and concerns people have when buying (or looking for) jewellery online.



How can I ensure I have the correct ring size?

This can be achieved in several different ways. The most accurate way is with a set of ring sizing gauges. These can be purchased on eBay or Amazon for a few pounds and they are simple to use. It is best to do this several times during a day because your fingers swell and contract slightly hour by hour so the average measurement will usually give the best fit. If you intend to make it a complete surprise you can measure an existing ring and base it upon that. Most rings can be resized after purchase by at least one ring size but some very intricate designs cannot be altered after they are made so it is worth checking beforehand. Any good jeweller will resize a ring after he has made it free of charge.

What is the standard cancellation policy?

This varies from jeweller to jeweller but the London Diamond & Emerald Exchange (LDE) offer a full refund on cancellations made within 7 days of the order being placed.

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What is the delivery period for bespoke pieces?

The industry standard is approximately 4-6 weeks and this is the case with LDE. However, bespoke pieces can be made in as little as 3 days if there is an urgent requirement but this will incur some additional cost.


(One of our recent bespoke diamond and platinum rings)

 What happens after I place my order?

LDE require a deposit of 50% in order to commence work on a bespoke order. This is because we do not hold any stock or inventories (which is how we deliver such excellent value for money) and we must order the stones and jewellery creation work individually for each customer. Upon receipt of the deposit, one we will issue your paperwork and work with you to produce a set of drawings for your approval. Once you are happy to proceed we will then produce the CAD (Computer Aided Design) images. We will only commence the fabrication of the piece once you are fully satisfied with the designs.

Do your prices include VAT?

 Due to the international nature of our business, we quote prices on our website excluding VAT (to avoid any confusion). However, if you purchase an item from our online shop and you are within the European Union VAT will automatically be charged at 20%.

Can I use a different delivery address to my billing address?

Yes, if we invoice you for payment by bank transfer we will ask you to specify your delivery address and requirements. If you purchase an item through our online shop, your order will be transacted by PayPal or Worldpay (we offer both options) and they will ask you to specify your billing address and delivery address (which can be different).

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Who can I talk to if I have any questions during the fabrication of my piece?

 LDE always keep you with the same consultant throughout the process, from your initial enquiry right through to after sales care and he or she will be on hand to guide you and answer any questions that you have, face to face, over the phone and by email.

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Can I use a stone that I already own and set it into a piece?

Absolutely, we can set a stone that you already own into a piece of jewellery or we can replace a stone in an existing piece for you. We can also repair and recondition classic heirlooms.

How do I receive my item?

We deliver across the UK via Royal Mail Special Delivery and overseas with Malca Amit couriers. All items are uniquely boxed, carefully packed and fully insured to the point of delivery. We do not charge delivery on items over £1,000 within the UK or £5,000 outside the UK. You are also welcome to meet us in our London offices and collect your piece by hand if you prefer.

How should I care for my jewellery?

Keep jewellery clean with a soft cloth. Only use soap and water and never use detergents, chemicals or polish. We can clean jewellery and re-oil emeralds upon request. Consult are earlier article a "Guide to looking after your jewellery:"

Can we meet face to face?

We actively encourage our customers to come and meet with us at our offices, this is a key difference between us and the many impersonal ecommerce jewellery sites. Our website has the functionality for 'click & buy' but we love face time with our clients and we can also arrange to show you around our workshop in Hatton Garden and introduce you to the craftsmen and women who will create your piece for you.

Is your website secure?

Yes, our website has an SSL secure connection and we do not share any client information with third parties without their express permission.

Where can I read reviews about your company?

We are proud of our work and we value what our customers say. You can see their reviews on Facebook and our website:

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