Distinct Diamonds: A Must Have This Year

Distinct Diamonds: A Must Have This Year

Diamonds are known for their brilliance and fire, dazzling in the sunlight upon the wearers neck or finger. Their popularity is paramount in comparison to all the other precious stones; they’re the first choice for many jewellery buyers due to their timelessness and status. However, diamonds don’t have to be white and clear – they can come in a variety of colours and character that is very unknown to many.

Distinct Diamonds

We all know and love clear diamonds. These are the classic diamonds you see within solitaire rings and tennis necklaces; minimal inclusions and colorless, with the scintillation of light producing rainbow reflections. In these stones, the higher the clarity means a more sought after stone, alongside its near colourless characteristics.

Some diamonds, however, gain their value and desirability from their colour. Fancy coloured diamonds can either come naturally or artificially, and display a wide range of shades and tones. Natural coloured diamonds most commonly occur in brown (chocolate, champagne, and cognac) or yellow (canary and lemon). Other shades, such as blue, pink, orange, green, red, violet, black, and white, are very rare and come at a premium price.

Artificially coloured diamonds occur when diamonds found of little quality or colour are irradiated or annealed to change their chemical structure, showing a different colour. This produces very vivid coloured diamonds, and appeal to many customers due to their lower prices on the market.

Coloured diamonds have rose in popularity over the past couple of years due to celebrity influences, such as Lewis Hamilton and his black diamond studs, and Lady Gaga wearing the canary yellow Tiffany diamond.

Diamonds which have more interesting inclusions are now also on the rise – such as salt and pepper diamonds. These diamonds hold inclusions of white and black crystals, and range from a dark black body colour to icy white shades. Their off-mainstream look is often sought after with untraditional white or rose gold bands, binding nicely with their contemporary, mystical look.

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