Executive Summary -  High Yield Fixed Income Opportunity

Executive Summary - High Yield Fixed Income Opportunity

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Founded in 2013, London DE Limited (“The Company”) is a UK based supplier of responsibly sourced coloured gemstones to the global market place, supplying all levels of the supply chain with loose stones and bespoke jewellery.

Our “Mine to Market” gem trading model eliminates several inefficient areas of the traditional gemstone supply chain. London DE’s model begins by buying the rough coloured stones at source directly from the local mines, as well as manufacturing it into finished gemstones and jewellery pieces.

The global coloured stone market is one of the last large unconsolidated markets, the trade is conducted largely by individuals and small companies, often family run. The global gems and jewellery market is set to reach 443 billion USD by 20221. Estimates of the coloured stone market range from 3 - 8% of this figure.

Many stones change hands 5 - 10 times before they reach the shop window, each of these participants must make a margin making the process largely inefficient.

In Asia and the Middle East the demand is high and the Company wishes to capitalise on this opportunity, as the limited supply of fine coloured gemstones continues to drive values upward.

Source: www.businesswire.com - 14th March 2017



London DE focuses on both the manufacturing of and trading in the rarest and finest quality top of the range gemstones because this is the segment of the market which has performed the most consistently.

We are now seeing a further increase in demand for the highest quality emeralds, rubies and sapphires with significant price increases and new records being achieved.

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