Exploring the Emerald Green Wedding Trend

Exploring the Emerald Green Wedding Trend

As we leave the warmth of Summer and enter into the Autumn and Winter, people who are planning their wedding for the upcoming months might do well to consider the latest trend in the wedding-sphere. 

The colour "emerald green". 

What exactly is “Emerald Green”?


The colour "emerald green" is a striking shade of green and is obviously most associated with the green colour that emerald gemstones have. If you want to be completely specific, #50C878 is the hexadecimal colour code for "emerald green".

This is a similar shade of green to the equally viral Kelly Green, which has seen a renaissance in recent years. 

But in practice, when people talk of the "emerald green" wedding trend, they mean any wedding where the central colour was an emerald like shade of green. 

What meaning lies behind the colour green?


Green is the most common colour in the natural world and is also second only to blue as people’s favourite colours. 

It’s a colour that conjures many diverse thoughts; whether it is money, a leafy tree or the stereotypical image of an alien. It is also a colour that has been imbued with the ideas of revitalization and rebirth.

To move away from western ideas; in Japanese culture, green is often associated with eternal life. It is also the sacred colour of Islam, representing respect as well as the prophet Muhammad himself.

What do emeralds symbolise?


According to Indian mythology, the name emerald was first translated from Sanskrit as "marakata," meaning "the green of growing things." Emeralds are often associated with new growth, and new beginnings; so it is no surprise that it is a popular choice as a thematic colour for newlyweds. 

Aristotle believed that emeralds would increase a person's importance in the presence of others, help their speeches during business, give victory to you during trials and tribulations, literally aid the litigation of a legal case, and also soothe people's eyesight problems.

They hold much the same symbolism of the colour green and are believed to have restorative abilities by some. 

Ways you can incorporate emerald green into your wedding


Here are some of our favourite ways you can incorporate the colour emerald green into a wedding celebration. 

The cake


Wedding knots / An emerald green inspired cake

Kelly Sweet / A white wedding cake, accentuated by the emerald colours of the leaves, as well as the red and white from the roses

Wedding jewellery


One of the best ways you can lean into the emerald green theme is simply by wearing Emerald jewellery. 

Cabochon Cut Emerald Ring

Trillion Cut Emerald Necklace

Cabochon Cut Emerald Studs

Table decorations


Pictures of the tables at a wedding always peak my interest. They can be a feast for the eyes, and a great way to lean into the emerald green theme. 

Pina / Emerald table dressing

LA76 Photography / Emerald dinnerware, with some charismatic vintage pieces like the Tiger plate

Wedding attire


Whether it is the bride’s dress, the groom’s jacket or the bridesmaid’s dresses; emerald is always a great colour for wedding attire. 

Elegant Wedding invites / Emerald green bridesmaid dresses

Unique Lapin Photography / Emerald Groom’s jacket

Hair styling


Another subtle way of incorporating emerald green into your wedding is through wonderful hair arrangements like this! 

Lava Salon / Impressive wedding hair arrangement




If you are interested in the intersection between weddings and jewellery, you might find our answer to a question we often get; What jewellery should I wear to a wedding?; helpful. 


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