Mother's Day is a special occasion that offers us an opportunity to show appreciation and love for the remarkable women in our lives who embody the role of a mother. It's a day to honour their sacrifices, celebrate their love, and acknowledge their endless contributions to our well-being and success. While there are countless ways to express our gratitude, gifting something as timeless and elegant as jewellery stands out for its symbolic value and enduring charm.

Jewellery, with its inherent beauty and lasting nature, serves as a poignant reminder of affection and appreciation, making it an ideal Mother's Day gift. It's not just an adornment but a piece of art that can convey deep emotions and memories, making it an intimate and cherished present. Whether it's a ring, necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings, the right piece of jewellery can speak volumes about the bond shared between a mother and her child.


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We will explore various styles, types, and personalization options to help you find a piece that resonates with your mother's unique personality and preferences. From understanding her style to considering her lifestyle, and from setting a budget to choosing how to make your choice personal, we will cover all the essential aspects to ensure you pick a gift that delights her heart and adorns her with love.


Understanding your Mothers' Jewellery Preferences

When it comes to selecting the ideal piece of jewellery for Mother's Day, the gesture is as much about the sentiment as it is about the gift itself. It's a reflection of thoughtfulness, a symbol of appreciation, and an expression of love. To ensure the piece you choose resonates with her, delving into her jewellery preferences is crucial. 

Recognizing Her Style


Mother accessorising her button down shirt and jeans with a Diamond Solitaire Ring

Mother accessorising her button down shirt and jeans with a Diamond Solitaire Ring

The first step in this journey of selection is to become an observer, to note the subtleties of her jewellery choices. Does she gravitate toward the timeless elegance of pearls or the sparkling allure of diamonds? Does she favour the warm hues of gold or the sleek sheen of silver? The jewellery she dons regularly is a window into her personal style, a clue to what makes her feel most herself.

Consider her wardrobe as well. The clothes she chooses, the colours she surrounds herself with, they all tell a story. A woman who adorns herself in bold, vibrant attire might revel in a piece of jewellery that stands out, while a lover of the classic, understated look might cherish something simple yet sophisticated.

Her preferred metal type and gemstones are not mere aesthetic choices; they are reflections of her personality. Selecting a piece that echoes her favourites shows that you value her individuality, making the gift all the more special.

Considering Her Lifestyle

Understanding a mother's lifestyle is essential when choosing the perfect piece of jewellery for her. This consideration ensures that the gift is not only beautiful but also practical and meaningful, seamlessly integrating into her daily life and resonating with her personal story.

A mother's day is often multifaceted, balancing the demands of work, family, and personal time. For a mother who is always on the go, practicality takes precedence. Jewellery for her should withstand the hustle and bustle of daily activities without sacrificing style. For example, a busy mom would appreciate a sturdy yet elegant chain bracelet or a pair of secure, bezel-set stud earrings that won't snag on clothing or get lost during a hectic day.

If her days are spent in a professional environment, consider pieces that reflect sophistication and poise, accessories that complement a business attire yet carry a hint of personal flair. A sleek, geometric pendant or a pair of understated hoop earrings can add a touch of elegance without being overly distracting.

Conversely, for a mother who cherishes her home life, indulging in hobbies or spending time with loved ones, a piece of jewellery that captures the essence of those precious moments can be particularly poignant. A charm bracelet filled with symbols representing her interests and passions, or a locket containing a family photograph, offers a personal touch that celebrates her devotion to her family.

A young mother exercising in her time away from work

Jonathan Borba / A young mother exercising in her time away from work

Active mothers, who balance fitness and outdoor activities, require jewellery that mirrors their energetic lifestyle. Durable materials and secure fastenings are crucial for pieces that will be worn during exercise or adventures. Silicone bracelets with embedded gems or sporty pendants that can endure the elements provide practical yet fashionable options.

Moreover, the jewellery should align with her comfort preferences. It should not hinder her actions, whether she's typing at work, running errands, or playing with her children. Comfort is paramount, ensuring that the jewellery feels as good as it looks, becoming a part of her without intruding or imposing.

Assessing Her Current Collection


A cohesive jewellery collection

A glimpse into her jewellery box can offer invaluable insights. It's about seeing what she cherishes, understanding her collection's narrative, and then adding a chapter that complements her story. If her collection is replete with necklaces, perhaps a bracelet would provide a delightful contrast. If her pieces are predominantly modern, maybe an antique piece would offer a delightful juxtaposition.

The goal is to find harmony—jewellery that aligns with her existing pieces but also stands out for its uniqueness. It's about filling the gaps, not just in her collection but in the expression of her persona through jewellery.

In choosing a piece of jewellery for Mother's Day, you are not merely selecting an accessory. You are acknowledging her taste, her lifestyle, and her essence. The right piece, chosen with consideration and care, becomes more than an ornament; it becomes a token of love, a keepsake of moments, and a tribute to her individuality.

Types of Jewellery to Consider 

When considering the perfect jewellery gift for Mother's Day, understanding the myriad of options available is crucial. Each type of jewellery piece carries its own charm and can be tailored to suit the unique personality and style of every mother. 

Trapiche Colombian Emerald Pendant

Trapiche Colombian Emerald Pendant

Necklaces serve as a central piece of jewellery, often becoming a keepsake due to their prominence and the variety of styles available. Personalised necklaces, for instance, offer a special touch, enabling you to embed a message or include elements that resonate with your mother's identity. A necklace might feature pendants with her children's initials, a locket with family pictures, or a design that symbolises a significant aspect of her life. The beauty of necklaces lies in their range—from elegant simple chains that she can wear daily to more ornate pieces suited for special occasions, allowing you to find something that perfectly matches her lifestyle and fashion sense.

A bracelet of pearls makes a brilliant choice for a mother’s day gift

Anna Tarazevich / A bracelet of pearls makes a brilliant choice for a mother’s day gift

Bracelets provide a wonderful canvas for personal expression and sentimentality. Charm bracelets are particularly poignant, as they allow for the addition of unique charms that reflect her interests, achievements, or memorable moments. Each charm becomes a conversation piece, a token of love and memory. On the other hand, tennis bracelets offer a classic elegance, featuring a single line of diamonds or other precious stones that can compliment any outfit, embodying timeless beauty. Bangles and cuffs can also make impactful gifts, with designs ranging from sleek and modern to intricate and bold, catering to her individual style preference.

This Sapphire Ring with a halo of diamonds was a major mother’s day gift, chosen due to it being the shared birthstone of mother and son

This Sapphire Ring with a halo of diamonds was a major mother’s day gift, chosen due to it being the shared birthstone of mother and son

Rings are intimate and meaningful, often symbolising a deep connection or commitment. Mother's rings, which incorporate the birthstones of her children, provide a vibrant and personalised option, celebrating her role and the family she cherishes. Stackable rings offer a fun and versatile alternative, allowing her to mix different styles or colours to match her mood or outfit. Alternatively, a simple band engraved with a meaningful date or message can serve as a subtle yet profound token of appreciation and love.


Diamond Point Drop Earrings for the mother in your life who likes to be the star of the show

Diamond Point Drop Earrings for the mother in your life who likes to be the star of the show

Earrings complete the jewellery ensemble, adding a touch of elegance or flair depending on the style. Stud earrings, for example, offer understated grace, suitable for everyday wear while still possessing the potential to be deeply meaningful, especially if chosen with a gemstone or design she loves. For mothers who prefer a bit more drama or artistry, drop or hoop earrings can provide that extra element of style, making them ideal for occasions when she wants to feel extra special. Choosing earrings that complement another piece of jewellery can also be a thoughtful approach, ensuring she has a harmonious set to enjoy on various occasions.

Personalization and Customization


One of our designers in the process of sketching out a customer’s ideas for a bespoke ring

One of our designers in the process of sketching out a customer’s ideas for a bespoke ring

When considering a gift as timeless and intimate as jewellery for Mother's Day, the addition of personalization can elevate a mere object into a treasure, imbued with memories and affection. Engraving, for example, offers a discreet yet powerful means to embed personal significance into a piece. Imagine a mother's joy upon discovering her child's initials, a significant date, or a heartfelt message etched onto a piece of jewellery. Whether it's the inside band of a ring, the backside of a pendant, or an unassuming charm, each engraved character contributes to the story the jewellery tells.

Beyond words and numbers, the language of gemstones offers another rich vocabulary for personal expression. Birthstones, each with its own hue and history, can be woven into jewellery designs, adding layers of meaning. A mother's ring, studded with the birthstones of her children, or a pendant that dangles with a kaleidoscope of familial colours, serves not just as an accessory but as a vibrant chronicle of love and life. The choice of stone, whether it reflects a birth month or conveys a particular sentiment, imbues the jewellery with a narrative uniquely tailored to the wearer.

For those seeking to gift something truly unparalleled, custom design services beckon with the promise of originality. Collaborating with a jeweller to fashion a bespoke piece allows gift-givers to translate intimate knowledge and shared memories into a tangible form. Whether it's a pendant shaped to echo a meaningful motif or a ring designed to capture a family's essence, the process of creating custom jewellery is itself a journey of reflection and affection.

Finally, the symbolism inherent in certain designs can resonate deeply, echoing the shared experiences and bonds unique to each mother-child relationship. Opting for a piece that reflects an enduring aspect of a mother's identity or her journey can amplify the emotional resonance of the gift. Whether it's a family tree pendant that branches out with each loved one's name or a charm that encapsulates a shared hobby or passion, such jewellery not only adorns but also narrates, celebrating the individual stories that interweave to form the fabric of familial love.


Budget Considerations

When considering buying jewellery for Mother's Day, it's essential to start with a well-thought-out budget. Establishing a budget upfront is crucial—it not only helps in narrowing down options but also prevents financial strain. The sentiment behind the gift is what truly matters, and there are countless options available that can convey your love and appreciation without breaking the bank.

Understanding the pricing of jewellery is another critical aspect. The cost of a jewellery piece is influenced by various factors, including the type of metal used, the presence and quality of gemstones, and the intricacy of the design. For instance, gold is pricier than silver, and the addition of precious stones like diamonds or emeralds will further increase the cost. However, beautiful and meaningful pieces can be found in less expensive materials like sterling silver or with semi-precious stones. It's important to educate oneself about these aspects to make informed choices that align with both budget and emotional value.


A timeless collection of elegant hoops, simple silver rings and a gold necklace

Jasmin Chew / A timeless collection of elegant hoops, simple silver rings and a gold necklace

The concept of value for money extends beyond simply finding the cheapest option. It's about identifying a piece that offers durability and timeless appeal, ensuring that the gift continues to hold its worth and significance over time. Opt for classic designs that she can wear for years to come, and focus on quality craftsmanship that stands the test of time. Jewellery is not just a gift but an investment in your mother's happiness and a token of your enduring love.

By setting a realistic budget, understanding the factors that influence jewellery pricing, and focusing on value for money, you can select a Mother's Day gift that is both beautiful and financially prudent. Remember, the most cherished gifts are those that come from the heart, reflecting thoughtfulness and the special bond you share with your mother.


Get your mother a special gift this mother’s day

Get your mother a special gift this mother’s day

It's essential to remember that the true value of your gift lies far beyond its price tag or material worth. Jewellery, with its enduring charm and timeless beauty, offers a unique way to express our deepest sentiments, capturing emotions and memories that words alone cannot convey.

Reinforcing the Emotional Value

A piece of jewellery chosen with care and thoughtfulness is more than just an accessory; it's a token of love and appreciation, a symbol of the special bond that you share with your mother. It serves as a lasting reminder of your gratitude, respect, and affection, treasured not only for its aesthetic appeal but for the heartfelt intention behind it.

The Importance of Thoughtfulness

The effort and consideration you invest in selecting just the right piece reflect your understanding and appreciation of your mother's unique personality and preferences. Whether it's a necklace that echoes her elegance, a bracelet that captures her spirit, or a ring that symbolises your family's unity, the thoughtfulness of your choice makes the gift truly meaningful.


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