Peridot jewellery: August's premium birthstone

Peridot jewellery: August's premium birthstone

August, the height of Summer and a central month in the year, has a number of interesting birthstones with the most celebrated being Peridot. Whilst they aren’t the most renowned gems, such as a diamond or a ruby; Peridot can be used to create some brilliant jewellery.

What makes peridot special


Whether or not you believe in them, Zodiacs are the reasoning behind birthstones. According to astrology, in August the sun progresses from fiery Leo to earthy Virgo, which means that people's emotions need to be tempered and pacified. Peridot is the main birthstone of August because of its ability to fuel relaxation and calm your emotions; with the idea being that you will wear some jewellery with this stone and you will achieve some peace of mind.

The stone itself 


Moving away from its supposed astrological power, Peridot is a gem that comes from the mineral olivine, named after Olives due to its green colour. With its lime green hue, Peridot might take off as a more popular jewellery stone because it fits the current dopamine-dressing trend. 

The stone was first found on an island in the Red Sea, high-quality deposits have recently been uncovered in China, giving rise to a burst of peridot-dotted pieces across the jewellery scene.

Peridot has a long history; with early Egyptians believing they would glow in the dark, revered by ancient Romans as “evening emeralds”, and later adored by King Edward VII. They were also the peak of fashion during the Victorian era, partially because of the idea that they helped dispel nightmares and bring luck.

As mentioned previously, whilst it isn’t for everyone, the lime-green colour of the stone means that contemporary jewellers are appreciating its acidic tones and how it can be beautifully offset when paired with other stones, particularly diamonds and pearls.

Peridot jewellery


Having looked at the various jewellery on offer, here are some of our favourite Peridot accessories. 

18-karat gold, cord, emerald and peridot necklace

If you are looking for a cute or sentimental piece of jewellery, this peridot necklace comes with an elegant gold elephant pendant and dainty emerald. It’s a beautiful piece of jewellery that looks both smart, but is also fun.

Recycled gold and peridot earrings

If you want a piece of jewellery that is more environmentally friendly, these statement peridot earrings are made from recycled 18ct yellow gold, then embellished with 158 gemstones. Peridots are the gemstones at the centre of each earring, accompanied by brilliant Madagascan pink sapphires and malachite. The design is inspired by the vibrant peridots themselves and also art deco pieces from the past. They perfectly blend contemporary colours with an antiquity feel, acting like a dose of Hollywood glamour.

Finally, if you want a piece of jewellery that really celebrates peridot and allows it to speak for itself, this Peridot ring is perfect for you. The large peridot stone catches the light brilliantly, but it is also not a garish or flashy gem, instead looking very chic. 


If you want to read some more about brilliant birthstones and the jewellery made from them, you can read about December birthstones  here. Focussing in on months with a single stone, there is the birthstone of September; luxurious Sapphires; and the always elegant Emeralds of May. 
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