Pride and pendants: A celebration of jewellery during pride month

Pride and pendants: A celebration of jewellery during pride month


Pride and pendants: A celebration of jewellery during pride month

With Pride month having passed and many of the nation's biggest pride events having taken place in recent weeks, we have seen lots of celebration of pride and the LGBTQ community.

As part of these celebrations, many have talked about the ways they enjoy expressing themselves and their sexuality through their jewellery. 

Here we will highlight some of our favourite discussions with a variety of Hollywood stars about just these things. 

Ariana DeBose


Ariana DeBose was asked about what she would tell young queer people, and she beautifully said that people need to remember the “way that you love, who you love, how you love – it makes you special, it is your superpower. And never let anyone take that away from you.” 

This battle cry on behalf of the community is a theme that runs through her discussions about sexuality. She spoke with great pride about the way that people within the LGBTQ community advocate for one another. She particularly highlighted the AIDS crisis in the ’80s, and how the the lesbian community rallied around and supported gay men who were suffering from the epidemic.

Her jewellery choices reflect this celebration of unity. She loves wearing hoop earrings, famous circular pieces of jewellery that often act as effortless additions to an outfit. Circles have a long history as symbols of unity.

Even if you don’t like wearing huge hoops, there are plenty of smaller hoop earrings you can wear. 

Classic diamond hoop earrings

There are these dainty classic diamond hoop earrings which hug the ear.

Cynthia Erivo


Talking on the Sunday between Juneteenth and the month of Queer Pride, Cynthia Erivo talked about her blackness and queerness. When asked about what it means to be Queer, she said “it means taking a risk to claim the freedom of being one’s full self.” 

With her distinct and unique sense of style, and the way she lives her life both on the stage and the screen, as well as off of it; Cynthia remains in a lane of her own and fiercely claiming it. Known for her iconic long nails, and even wearing metal nail rings when her own nails are shorter; as well as her bold, chunky rings; Erivo is truly herself when it comes to her jewellery choices.

Cara Delevingne


Cara Delevingne, the actress and model, was recently asked about what she would tell her younger self. Her answer was that you need to love yourself. For people within LGBTQ community, this means that you need to accept yourself and be yourself. Take yourself as you are. And to lift your head up high.

She also reflected on how she came out. She responded by saying that she never really came out. Instead she described it as a moment where she “put my cards on the table” and said to everyone that they needed to know that she was “in love” and simply that “I’m in love with who I’m in love with.” It didn’t matter whether she was in love with a man or woman. Her bold and unapologetic nature is reflected in her jewellery choices. She too loves bold rings that demand your attention. 

But she also has another side to her, which she expresses through more delicate pieces of jewellery. 

If you are looking for something equally delicate; this rose gold necklace, which is made up of a stunning rose gold chain and interspersed with sparkling diamonds, is perfect for you.

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