Purchasing an engagement ring from London DE: A & N

Purchasing an engagement ring from London DE: A & N

I have never written a blog, but I have just bought the perfect Engagement ring for my bride to be from London DE. In fact, I went through a selection of rings with my nearest and dearest and decided none were right for her or for us. Why? Because they are all mass produced standardized products; sure, some really looked great but they were made to a cut someone else chose and by people with no connection who had no contact with the eventual owner of this precious symbol. Plus, there could be one hundred, one thousand even one million other people wearing the same ring. No thanks, our relationship is special enough to me, to be unique.

However you interpret the symbolism, there is no denying that engagement rings are an important symbol or your relationship and love for each other. Take the ring for instance; amongst other things it symbolises eternity – it has no beginning and no end. Sure! We may not all have money to purchase the finest diamonds but you really do not need endless resources to personalise, design, choose and consult your Engagement ring maker every step of the way.  Whether you choose a classic diamond solitaire to honour traditions, an heirloom ring to include your families, or a completely new ring with personal symbolic elements, the most important thing is that the ring truly represent the love, honour, and commitment you and yours will share forever more.

I cannot tell you how happy I am to have used the services of London DE. At an affordable price, we have been able to consult an expert within the industry. We looked at a number of designs and sketches, we looked at available precious metals and various diamonds and emeralds. Ultimately, we used a design as a blue print and tweaked it to suit exactly what we wanted. My wife and I will always have an engagement ring with a story attached to it, that we designed. From sketches on the sofa after a weeknight dinner, to proposing on a sun-drenched beach in the Mediterranean when I pulled out that ring with beaming diamond, I knew this was a 100 per cent one of a kind, bespoke engagement ring that no one else has.

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A & N


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