The best jewellery from Haute Couture fashion week

The best jewellery from Haute Couture fashion week

Haute Couture fashion week plays host to some of the best jewellery at the most prestigious jewellery institution in the world, the Haute École de Joaillerie. Here are some of our favourite pieces from the various jewellery houses that are showing off their new collections.  



Chaumet unveiled its Ondes et Merveilles collection, which aims to be a celebration of the sea. This collection includes a diamond necklace that looks like white-tipped waves. The 69-piece collection of Waves and Wonders, has pieces made of Colombian opals, coral branches carved from chrysoprase, and a row of terracotta orange spinels. 

The ideas behind the collection have been brought to life, with the pieces reflecting the rich colours of a Mediterranean seascape as well as a wild, stormy sea. 

Whilst waves are an obvious design, other pieces of jewellery are inspired by beach umbrellas and even humble pebbles inspire the designs.

If you are looking for an aquatic inspired piece of jewellery, this set of diamond point drop earrings is perfect for you. The intricate diamonds look like water drops. 

De Beers


De Beers’ showed off their new Alchemist of Light jewellery collection, with the highlight being pieces made out of titanium. The titanium is anodised, turning it into a peacock blue colour as well as sunset pink and mint green. These anodised pieces are then mounted with white diamonds, and shaped into stripes, fan shapes, and chandelier styles that echo the 1920’s art deco era.



Graff has gone big with their latest collection focussing around impressively sized gemstones. Whilst size isn’t everything, there is no doubt that the size of these stones is impressive and has a strong visual impact. One of the highlights was a 51-carat oval Kashmir sapphire encased in a ring, as well as some stunning emerald pieces. 

You might not be able to wear a 51-carat oval Kashmir sapphire, but you can have some stunning sapphires. This ceylon sapphire and diamond halo ring is the perfect example. 

Or if you would prefer a dainty piece of emerald and diamond jewellery, this trillion cut emerald and diamond necklace would be more suitable for you.

Van Cleef & Arpels


At the centre of Van Cleef & Arpels’ “Legends of Diamonds” high jewellery collection is a 910-carat rough diamond known as the Lesotho Legend. This stunning diamond was cut down into 67 individual diamonds. These diamonds have then been used in their pieces of jewellery, including the piece you see above, where a diamond and emerald collar also holds 3 intricately decorated pendants. The piece is almost overwhelming with the various gemstones that it includes; but it all comes together to create a piece that feels like it has been pulled out of the 1920’s. 

If this is a style of jewellery you enjoy, then this ‘enchantress’ emerald and diamond necklace is an accessory you would love to add to your collection. 

Dolce and Gabbana


Dolce & Gabbana has a new Alta Gioielleria high jewellery collection. Our favourite piece from  the collection is the Sicilia necklace, which features a glorious yellow pear-shaped diamond. The necklace has a mythical inspiration, rooted in the story of Princess Sicilia. Princess Sicilia was a royal who was forced to leave her home in exile, so as to avoid being killed, but ended up landing on a deserted island inhabited by a beautiful young man. The piece of jewellery incorporates that extraordinary yellow diamond, which represents the golden sands and lemon trees of that island, which of course is now known as Sicily.
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