The Enigma Diamond: 555.55 Carats of Black Space Magic

The Enigma Diamond: 555.55 Carats of Black Space Magic

The Enigma diamond which weighs an astounding 555.55 carats is going up for auction at Sotheby’s next week. Its carat weight surpasses those of the Great Star of Africa and the Golden Jubilee diamonds.

The Enigma Diamond

This incredible stone opens up for bidding on February 3rd, and will be one of the first items to be sold at auction which can be bought by cryptocurrency. It is said to be the largest faceted fancy black diamond to appear at auction and was listed as the largest cut diamond in the 2006 Guinness Book of World Records.

The shape of the diamond is very unique, inspired by the middle eastern palm symbol of Khamsa – used in jewellery and hangings as a talisman to fend away the evil eye. It was cut and polished in a natural shape, and holds 55 facets to reflect its carat weight.

This diamond is believed to originate from outer space. Also known as a carbonado diamond, these diamonds have only been found in Brazil and the Central African Republic and their origins have long been theorized. Geologist Aaron Celestian has stated that these diamonds either formed much deeper within the Earth than the diamonds we see today, or that they came to Earth through asteroid impacts.

The diamond itself is a polycrystalline substance, consisting of many tiny diamonds which have been cemented together with pressure and heat. This kind of diamond structure means that light refraction is impeded and absorbs more white light, giving the stone is dark black appearance. The Enigma diamond holds within its chemical composition nitrogen and carbon, as well as the unique mineral of osbornite which is found within meteors. It is also shown to include many micro red diamonds spread evenly throughout its structure – and incredible and one of a kind discovery.

This is the first time the diamond has been exhibited, and is expect to sell for an eye-watering $4-7,000,000 next week. Check out our selection of 37,000 loose diamonds and choose your own black beauty - grab a hold of your own enigma.

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