Though a sparkly, statement earring can be the perfect finishing touch for an understated outfit, sometimes all you need is a hoop earring. The Hoop earring has never gone out of style, and they are easy to put on for an everyday look. They can be simple and versatile whilst also being extremely elegant. They are the metaphorical workhouse of the jewellery world and are something you must have within your accessory arsenal.

There are classic hoop earrings, such as the favourites Cartier and Daphine, which are brilliant at helping elevate a little black dress or a simple shirt and jeans. But there are also more interesting and bold hoop earrings, such as these ones below, which would be fit for any party. There are also some brilliant hoop earrings that combine the colour of the metal with the glitz of the diamonds to create a striking look.

Everyday luxury


As mentioned previously, the hoop earring is a jewellery MVP that can be worn on any day. Whilst it might be fun to dream of wearing jewellery fit for the red carpet or inspired by Princess Diana; if you really want to be happy it is best to focus on the “Wonderful everyday”. Everyday jewellery like the simple hoop earring should be treated as important as the go-to items of your wardrobe, the white T-shirt and jeans of the jewellery world. 

But this doesn’t mean they need to feel boring. Even if you are wearing them every day, they can still feel luxurious every time you put them on.

How do I choose which hoop earrings to wear?


We’ve mentioned the brilliance of hoop earrings, but you still need to work out which hoop earrings work for you. 

There is more to jewellery than just wearing whatever is in trend. The pieces that you choose to wear should feel like a slice of your personality. It’s also about wearing something you feel comfortable and confident in. It’s often been said that a piece of jewellery is a woman’s coat of armour, and that feels very true. 

Aside from our discussion about hoop earrings, a general rule for wearing jewellery that is suitable for any regular day the best thing to do is choose classical pieces of jewellery that have remained popular throughout the ages. For hoop earrings this means classical metals, gentle embellishments and gemstones that have been valued for generations. 

Some brilliant examples of the Hoop earring


Now to the earrings themselves. There are plenty of great hoop earrings out there, but here are a few of our favourites. 

Classical elegance 


Hoop earrings may be associated with older people or the go-to accessory you see on the school run, they are also popular with Gen Z influencers. Whilst demonstrating a more vulnerable moment in an Instagram post, the YouTube and now media starlet Emma Chamberlain showed off a simple set of hoop earrings. Even people at the centre of the world of fashion and internet culture aren’t always glammed up and wearing giant statement earrings. Sometimes subtlety is the way to go, and these subtle pieces should be celebrated. 

If you would like to emulate Emma’s paired down jewellery look, these classic Diamond Hoop earrings would be our choice. They ooze style and grace which can be appreciated by observant friends and family, whilst not drawing too much attention to yourself. 

Classic hoop earrings

Glitzy diamonds

Without sounding like a record player on repeat; a nice pair of hoop earrings are elegant and really fit into the idea of elevated simplicity. If you want to lean into the glitzy side of things though, these Diamond Hoops are a cut above any normal set of earrings. 

Diamond Hoops

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