The Queen: 70 years of jewellery inspiration

The Queen: 70 years of jewellery inspiration

The Queen is a British icon, and whether or not you like the monarchy, she is intertwined with modern Britain’s history. Becoming Queen in 1952, Elizabeth has been in the spotlight for over 70 years, when her father took the throne and throughout her reign. Along the way she has had many iconic jewellery moments, and we want to highlight some of them. We will also try to recommend some pieces of jewellery that would be fit for any Queen. 

Diamond tipped tiara at the Royal Wedding


Vogue cover from 1947, where you can see the brilliant tiara that Elizabeth wore for her wedding

One of the major moments where Elizabeth dazzled the British public and the rest of the world, was at the then Princesses' wedding to the Duke of Edinburgh. The grand event took place on the 20th of November in 1947, a harsh winter that was characterised by another year of rationing and austerity after the Second World War. The soon to be figureheads of the Royal Family were pictured on their way back from Westminster Abbey, and in this wonderful picture we can see Elizabeth’s stunning diamond fringe tiara. The brilliant tiara was given to her for the big day by Queen Mary, and it is a glorious piece of jewellery. 

Bracelet given to the Queen as a wedding gift


The wedding bracelet

After her grand wedding, Elizabeth received many gifts, including grand pieces of jewellery. But there was one piece of jewellery she received as a gift that she treasured above all of those, the bracelet she was given by her now husband, Phillip. Created with diamonds that came from  Philip’s mother’s tiara, the bracelet was a sign of his devotion to the heir-to-the-throne. The Queen has worn the bracelet frequently throughout her reign, such as this time on her tour of Canada. 

Whilst you may not be able to get a bracelet created from an old royal tiara, you can get a wonderful diamond bracelet. Tennis bracelets are very much in vogue right now, and if you have one like this Bespoke Square Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet, your wrist will look positively royal. 

The Lover’s Knot Tiara  


The Lover’s Knot Tiara 

Created in 1913 by Garrard; the first official “Crown Jeweller of the United Kingdom”, and jewel supplier for Queen Victoria; the Lover’s Knot Tiara was made for Queen Mary. The Queen was a jewellery and gemstone enthusiast at heart, and wanted a tiara that incorporated some of her favourite stones from her jewellery and inspired by her grandmother Princess Augusta’s tiara. The Queen inherited the tiara from her mother in 1953; and later gave it to the People’s Princess, Diana. 

Coronation jewellery


Queen Elizabeth II in 1953

Ascending to the throne is a major moment in any monarch’s life. The coronation marks the beginning of their reign. Rising to the occasion at 25, the same age as Elizabeth I, the new Queen took over her father’s position as head of the Commonwealth of Nations, promoting the tenets of the Commonwealth Charter. Here she is pictured on the front cover of Vogue, with a bright smile and a piercing look. 

The coronation was the height of regality, and the new Queen was dripping in diamond jewellery. You don’t have a coronation everyday, but that doesn’t mean diamond jewellery should be reserved for special occasions alone. 

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