Timeless Christmas Jewellery Trends

Timeless Christmas Jewellery Trends

It’s the run up to Christmas. As every fashionista will know, planning your Christmas outfit and accessories happens far in advance. You want to look your most festive and more dazzling whilst getting merry with friends and family and enjoying the seasonal events. If you want some tips or ways of embodying the Christmas spirit this weekend, here is a reminder of the most fabulous Christmas jewellery trends you can adorn.

The Gift of Gold (Frankincense and Myrrh)

When we think of the holidays, we think of the cool tones of the outdoors and the warmth of the inside of our homes. The warm lights of the tree, the crackling fire, and our golden jewellery against our Christmas jumpers. Gold jewellery encapsulates the warmth of these holidays, so its no surprise they’re so popular and fly off the jewellers shelves.

Of course, gold is also popular due to the nativity tale of the three wise men gifting the baby Jesus Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. Gold was a valuable currency then, with frankincense acting as perfume and myrrh as an ointment. Gold nowadays is no longer used as currency but as a symbol of wealth and beauty.

Simple gold jewellery is fabulous for this season, as it can accentuate warm skin tones and compliment an outfit. Why not got a step further and adorn gold jewellery with fancy yellow diamonds? You can never have too much gold, and these act as a perfect combination with an additional sparkle.

Yellow Diamond Necklace, christmas jewellery trends (Yellow Diamond Necklace)

The Colours of Christmas

If I were to ask you what colours you think of when I say Christmas, your natural instinct would be to say red and green. Red of course in association with Father Christmas and his thermal red robe, for Rudolf's nose and for the crackling fireside. Green would be to represent Santa’s elves, the evergreen wrapped tree, and coloured Christmas presents. Furthermore, these colours tend to come hand in hand this season with the rise of holly and poinsettias wherever you go.

Coloured gemstones have made an impressive comeback in the past couple of years, with more and more people picking them over colourless stones. They have gorgeous hypnotic interiors and a variety of unique colours to suit you and your personality.

Reds you would of course go forward with rubies, and greens with emeralds. These are fantastic for both warm and cool toned skin types, and match with the seasonal colours of your outfit and interior of homes.

Green Emerald Rings (Green Emerald Stacking Ring)

Shine Like the Northern Star

In the winter months when entertaining and hosting, the go to theme is 'the more sparkle, the better'. The sequins are brought out of the wardrobe, glitter adorns most cards and table decorations, and your special scintillating diamonds make an appearance for the party. Even the Queen whips them out for her annual Christmas speech.

Diamonds, both natural and synthetic, are a timeless item for this dazzling season. They go with almost any outfit and skin tone, and also represent the months icy temperatures with their clear and cool character.

Think of it like icing on top of your Christmas cake, a needed addition to complete your look.

Diamond Ring (Diamond Ring)


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