Why Choose a Coloured Gemstone Engagement Ring?

Why Choose a Coloured Gemstone Engagement Ring?

Why Choose a Coloured Gemstone Engagement Ring?

These days, one of the most popular trends when it comes to engagement rings is trading the more traditional diamond stones for something vibrant and colourful. Coloured gemstone engagement rings are taking the stage for many different reasons. At London DE, we carry a number of different coloured gemstones and can fit any of them into a piece of bespoke jewellery that is truly unique.

Here is some more information about some of the most popular coloured gemstones and why they might be perfect for your engagement ring!

Coloured Diamonds

When choosing a coloured gemstone engagement ring, diamonds don’t have to go out the window. There are plenty of beautiful and eye-catching coloured diamonds. Some of the most popular include sparkling pink, canary yellow, pastel green, black, and champagne. Diamonds of any colour boast some of the most breathtaking dispersion and brilliance of any gemstone, making coloured diamonds a very popular choice.


This ancient and mysterious stone can really give your engagement ring a one-of-a-kind look. As Cleopatra’s gem of choice, the emerald is certainly no stranger when it comes to elegant jewellery and that includes engagement rings. One benefit of choosing an emerald engagement ring is there are many different shades to pick from, including light and vibrant greens to deep, dark green hues.


Another popular gemstone among royalty and the average person alike, sapphires can catch the eye and make a bold statement for your engagement ring. It’s not commonly known, but sapphires don’t only come in shades of blue. In fact, they come in every hue except for red, so if you want a coloured gemstone that provides you with a lot of colourful options, sapphires are ideal. Additionally, they’re the hardest gemstone aside from diamonds.


Rubies are another classic stone that can make a great statement piece for your engagement ring. The most popular and commonly-known ruby is of course the red, or corundum ruby. Rubies are often associated with love and the heart because of their red colour and can be a great way to express your feelings to your partner.

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